The high standard of our office was set fifty years ago when the great careers of two dedicated doctors, Lyle Fettig, D.O. and Lawrence Zager, D.O., began their practice.

Dr. Lyle Fettig, D.O. started in practice in Novi in 1957 in a small office located at Grand River Rd. and Novi Rd. where the entrance of the Novi Town Center exists today. Dr. Fettig lived upstairs and was available 24 hours a day. He frequently made house calls and became a part of many of his patients’ families.

Dr. Lawrence Zager, D.O. started in practice in 1966 with Max Crandell, D.O. A year later he was drafted and spent 2 years with the U.S. Navy. He returned in 1969 and joined John McDemid, D.O. in Belleville, Michigan. He frequently delivered babies, made house calls, and rounded at three nearby hospitals.

In 1978 the two men joined together in Novi at 10 Mile Rd and Meadowbrook Rd.They soon needed a larger location, so in 1980 Zager and Fettig moved their office to 422 N. Center Street in Northville.

In 1997, Dr. Zager and Dr. Fettig moved to the building at 215 East Main Street in Northville, and one year later they hired Nathan Bloch, D.O. Dr Fettig retired in January 2000 and moved to Arizona, ending a partnership with Dr. Lawrence Zager that spanned 22 years. He entrusted the care of all his patients to Dr. Bloch and the practice was renamed Main Street Family Medicine.

In January 2003, after having many struggles with his health and vision, Dr. Zager voiced concern about the future of the profession, its endless emphasis on paperwork and documentation and loss of focus on treating patients. Dr. Zager enjoyed the connections he had made with his patients over the years, but driving to Northville from Brighton was too dangerous for him. Dr. Bloch began reviewing the demographics of the patients from Main Street Family Medicine and noticed that much of the practice lived out in Lyon and Brighton Townships. In September 2003 Dr. Bloch opened Green Oak Family Medicine. Dr. Zager remained working part-time in the profession he loved so much a short driving distance from home. Dr. Zager retired in May of 2007 with a warm retirement party attended by many of his longtime patients and colleagues.