Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment:

    • Specify the reason for your visit.


  • Limit your visit to one or two problems.


  • We can not do both a procedure and a sick call in the same visit per insurance regulations.



  • Your appointment time is for YOU. Please schedule separate appointments for family members.



  • Our physicians try to stay on schedule, however some patients require more time than is expected. Please allow 90 minutes for your scheduled appointment.


Prior to office visit:

    • Check your medications for refills.


  • Write a list of your concerns or questions.


Arriving at your appointment:

    • Please arrive 15 minutes early.


  • Let us know of any address or insurance changes.



  • If you arrive late we will try to work you into our schedule.



Walk-in After-Hour appointments:

    • Are reserved for sick patients.



Must be made 24 hours in advance to avoid a charge.

Getting a Referral or Pre-Approval
    • Many insurance companies (HMOs) require referral paperwork to be processed before you can see a specialist. An office visit and primary care physician approval is needed to generate the referral.


  • Questions about referrals and pre-approvals can be directed to extension 3.



  • Referrals take up to 7 days to process. Please make your specialist appointment accordingly.



  • Referrals will not be given AFTER specialist care is rendered.



  • Call the specialist 24 hours prior to your appointment to make sure your referral has been approved.



  • Most insurance companies require pre-approvals before certain tests (CT scans and MRIs). Please allow 5 working days for this to be approved by your insurance company.



  • Remember: You will be responsible for bills not covered by your insurance if these procedures are not followed.



Refilling Prescriptions

New Prescriptions:

    • Always require an office visit


  • No antibiotics will be given over the phone without being seen



    • Require an office visit every 1-2 months.


  • Will not be refilled if lost or misplaced.


Prescription Refills:

    • May be requested 24 hours/day at extension 2.


  • Will take up to 3 BUSINESS days to process.



  • Don't run out of medication. Call when you have a 7-10 day supply left.



  • May require an office visit for refills.




During Office Hours:

    • Notify our office with your emergency: we may be able to prevent an ER visit, or expedite your care when you're there.


  • Call our office to avoid unnecessary costs. Your HMO may require you to go to a specific ER if possible.


After Hours

    • Listen to the voice prompts on office recording.


  • Voice Mail messages are sent directly to the doctor on call.


  • Call-backs may take up to one hour. Most are made within 5-15 minutes.



Hospital Affiliations
    • Beaumont Health System (Beaumont Farmington Hills - formerly Botsford)


  • Providence Hospital (St. John's Health)



  • DMC - Huron Valley Hospital



  • St. Mary's Medical Center



  • St. Joseph's Ann Arbor




*Individual physicians may vary.

Miscellaneous Fees
    • Same Day Cancellation: $20.00

    • No call no show for an appointment: $35.00

    • Returned check: $35.00 fee for insufficient funds.


  • Medical Records Release: $20 copying and handling fee plus .10 ¢ a page for copying after 50 pages.


  • $15 form fee for forms not presented at the time of an office visit. i.e.: School, sports, work, disability, handicap, adoption, etc.



  • Letters: $15 for Disability, Auto insurance, etc.