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To join a class or learn more info, call Laura or Pam at 248-348-1131 • All classes take place at 422 N. Center Street, Northville, MI

FLT “First Line Therapy”

A 10 week therapeutic lifestyle change program designed to help you lose weight, increase your energy and improve your overall health. The program includes a pre and post body composition analysis and a free supervised exerciseprogram. It is physician supervised and is often covered by insurance. Check out our Body Composition Graphic

Rejuvenation Program

A physician monitored program to help remove toxins in a safe way which allows you decrease fatigue, increase energy and decrease cancer risks. Learn what it takes to reach optimal health and understand your hormones. Learn the 7 body systems that make up the matrix and understand the role supplements have in your life.

Detox Restoration

A four week nutrition supported detoxification program designed to clean your filter, decrease your toxic load and revive your energy levels. Each year we are exposed to toxins at some level from both our environment, our water and our foods. It is becoming harder to eat adequate amounts of nutrients to rid these toxins from the body. This program teaches you how to safely eliminate foods and toxins. As part of this program, a complimentary body composition and structured guide book is given.

Smoking Cessation

Learn about the different options to help you in this journey to quit smoking. Many new advancemtents have made smoking cessation easier than it has ever been before. Join this support group to give you the additional added boost to meet your goal of a cleaner healthier lifestyle for you and those around you.

What we do

• Adult Health • Annual Physicals
• Geriatric care • Women’s Health
• School & Sports Physicals • Pediatric care
• Removal of warts and moles • After hours care
• Ultrasounds, Stress tests • Laceration Repairs
• Treat Ingrown toe nails • Osteopathic Adjustments
• Joint injections • Treatments for sun damaged skin
• EKGs, xray, and labs • After Hours Walk-In Clinic
• Therapeutic Lifestyle Management • Diabetic Lifestyle Management
• Food allergies • Weight Loss
• Eating Disorders